William W. Cox, C.P.A. is Committed to Clients' Financial Success

Our Commitments to Each Other

My Commitment to You

  • I will act with integrity, honesty, and openness in everything I do for and with you.
  • I will absolutely respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.
  • I will return your telephone calls within 24 hours.
  • I will meet the deadlines we set. (In the case of circumstances outside my control, I will let you know well in advance of any dilemma).
  • You will always know in advance my fee for any assignment.
  • You are the sole judge of my performance. If anything I do falls short of your expectations, I, without question will respect your right to a full refund of your fee if you are not delighted.

Your Commitment to Me

  • You will be open, frank, and honest with me at all times. You will let me know immediately of any concerns you have about our work together.
  • You will give me all the information I need to do the work. You will give me access within the time frames we agree upon.
  • You will make time available to work on the items you've agreed to work on.
  • You agree to listen to any advice I offer (and I acknowledge your right to reject that advice).
  • You will pay your account as agreed.
  • You will give consideration to referring me to at least 2 other persons who you believe would benefit from the work I do.

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The firm's values reflect ...

  • Application of Christian values in a business setting.
  • Professionalism of actions
  • Independence and objectivity in advice and services.
  • Accessibility: I will travel to your individual business or home.
  • Continuing professional education.

The firm's objectives are...

  • Through planning, assist the client in the management and increasing of their wealth.
  • To assist clients in the formation of financial goals and to develop and monitor a plan to achieve those goals as a financial advisor.
  • To ease the compliance burden of clients.
  • To assist clients in the solving of their personal accounting services problems.

  • I believe in comprehensive financial planning. My purpose is to assist the client in determining their goals and objectives and to bring congruity between the client's actions and values. The result of this planning is to assist the client in the management and increase of their wealth.
  • I believe that ours is a practice which offers fee-only financial planning, tax services, public accounting, and bookkeeping services. Success is not measured by investment performance but rather by your success in the achievement of your goals. My practice begins and ends with the client's needs.
  • Continuing education is paramount. Advisors are expected to maintain professional competence in all areas of comprehensive planning as well as taxation and bookkeeping.